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Playstation 5: Key Specs and Release Date

Earlier when digitalization was just a myth, the gaming industry couldn’t imagine of booming with flying colors. All thanks to the betterment of development. Now that the gaming world is on its way of reaching the zenith, all true-hearted fans of Play Station are hoping to witness that big day when the fifth installment will be launched. Much to the knowledge of the game freaks, speculations say it all. If not all, at least expects what’s new in the next PS 5! Well, before that, if you are the new gamer, then here’s the history of Play Station which might help you and you might become as excited as the gaming gurus!

The History:

Back in the year 1994, when gaming industry was just a myth, Play Station was created. Owned by the Sony Interactive Entertainment, Play Station, for its first console was popular among the game freaks. Next arrived its successor, under the name Play Station 2 which became the best and the finest home selling console till date. Play Station 2 reached almost over 155 million. After a certain span, arrived Play Station 3 which, with even higher satisfaction, reached almost over 80 million units across the globe. Last, Play Station 4 was sold; in just one day it sold approximately 1 million consoles. Now that PS 5 is the new trend, sources have speculated some of the key features which Sony will be bringing with its much-awaited console. Mentioned below is a list of the key features let us have a vivid outlook on the key specs of PS 5.

PS 5: Some KEY SPECS and what new can gamers expect?

Reports give us a hint on Sony discontinuing the third console of Play Station, better known as PS 3. So, all serious gamers might speculate that in this fifth console, Sony will bring betterment in the features if compared to the third console PS 3. Here’s what gamers can expect from PS 5:

  • RAM- With the swirling rumors coming in, resistive RAM or 3D stacked RAM would also be included in this new PS 5.
  • Resolution- As far as the reports are concerned, Sony will be coming up with digital content which would be offering 4 K resolutions. But that Sony will bring in the next couple of years.
  • Graphics- Ostendo, the California-based company, is recently working on the chipset for videos to project on a 48-inch diagonal surface. However, graphics are the most important part if the gaming industry is concerned. Hope doesn’t end, and for serious fans, they are awaiting the graphics of Play Station 5 to be differentiating from that of the real life.
  • Optical waveguides to replace Internal wirings- As Sony would probably launch a ten teraflop system in next console PS 5. The heart of PS 5 is speculated to be created next generation experiences. Internal wirings are to be replaced with optical waveguides. Moreover, instead of electrons, photons will be powering transistors.

PS 5 will release in the year 2020 but not sooner. For the time being, let time to unfold the excitement.

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