Whenever there is news of a new game comes out, the gamers start predicting things related to the game. And the predictions are mostly made out of expectations. That is quite natural. Since the advent of the new millennium, the world of video games has seen things getting overhauled by a huge extent. And hence, the gamers are always having high expectations from the developers of the game once there is an update of a new game. This results in the rise in the number of speculations as well, many of which often turn out to be fake in the end and the gamers come to realize that once the original comes officially hits the market.


For a game like FIFA 18, there are expectations galore. The fans are really having expectations of the developer of the game. Electronic Arts (EA) has long been producing games of the highest order. And hence, the fans can’t be blamed for having high expectations. EA Sports have set themselves a real benchmark when it comes to the games in the FIFA franchise, and not many developers can think of reaching such heights.


However, despite such high-end games, there have been occasions where we have seen that the games in the FIFA franchise have been lacking in something. By something we mean that it could be the graphics, it could be the artificial intelligence, and it could be anything. Particularly the latest available edition of the game, the predecessor of FIFA 18, has failed to match the quality that it has maintained over the years and the fans have been left disappointed. Had it been any other game, the fans would not have been so much disappointed. But since it is the game in the FIFA series, the glitches have been spotted more prominently.


Now focusing on the upcoming edition of the game – FIFA 18, we can say that the gamers are once again having high expectations. They are expecting that all the shortcomings in FIFA 17 will get fixed once FIFA 18 gets launched in the second half of the year. Fans are aware that it is going to be in the month of September that FIFA 18 will hit the shelves and hence, the excitement is on the rise.


There is one great news for the fans who have been extremely keen to know about the updates related to the launch of the game. The update states that it is perhaps going to be in the month of June that the FIFA 18 game will be up for pre-order. So that will certainly be a knock on the door. However, the update hasn’t come from any of the officials, but from one of the reliable sources. There are little chances that the update might turn out to be a false one, but still, there are.


But once again it must be mentioned that FIFA 18 is certainly one of the much-awaited games of the season, and as we get closer and closer to the official release date, the mercury level is also rising. And if you have liked the tale of the rising expectations regarding the game FIFA 18, do not forget to come back as we promise to bring you the latest surrounding the game.

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